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Nuu Mobile G4 Is Cancelled

Remember The Nuu Mobile G4? I remember it very well and I have some bad news.

The long awaited Nuu Mobile G4 is officially cancelled and we all had a feeling something was wrong.

I haven’t seen any news on the Nuu Mobile G4 until I stumbled upon a YouTuber by the name of High End Cheap Tech that says in the video that Nuu Mobile sent him a email stating that the Nuu Mobile G4 didn’t reach up to their expectations. The email also states that it didn’t make sense to continue with the phone with all the current issues. The email also included a coupon code to purchase the G3 or G3+ at a discounted rate (LOYALTY)

I went hands on with the G4 at CES 2019 and even though it looked absolutely stunning, the software had major issues. I was told that it was unfinished software which is understandable for a unreleased product. Nuu Mobile made some great budget products like the Nuu Mobile G3 and G3+ so this is a surprise to the tech community. Hopefully Nuu Mobile will bounce back with a Nuu Mobile G5 and we can forget the G4 ever happened.

Source : High End Cheap Tech

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Founder/Managing Editor

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