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The Verizon Moto Z4 Is 83 Cents A Month

Shoutout to Munchy_cool On Twitter for the heads up on this deal.

I just recently unboxed the Verizon Moto Z4 from Best Buy and I paid about $150 after taxes for it but this deal looks way more appealing then the original deal. You’re paying a little under $20 for a smooth Moto Z device capable of Moto Mods.The Moto Z4 has been a smooth experience but the only downside would be the sup par camera. My full review should be coming soon.

You have to add a line to take advantage of this deal (possible bill credits) but It’s def a great deal for a backup phone or someone you know that just needs a smartphone. Checkout the deal below.


Allan A.
Founder/Managing Editor

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