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Samsung Note 10 Reservation (Trade In Prices Are $600$)

The Note season is almost here and Samsung has opened a reservation page so you can get a preorder in of the Galaxy Note 10. There is no mention of what size Note you can order and specifications when you go through everything.

This is the first page you see when you first arrive to the page.

It looks like LG, HTC, and Moto have no worth to Samsung trade in programs but the deals actually look pretty good. You can trade in a Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 3, and iPhone XR for a $600 trade in towards the Note 10. Here are some of the trade in values you can get with prior Samsung devices.

My question that everyone is probably asking is if they’re giving out $600 trade in for 2018 phones, what will the prices be of the new Note devices. Only time will tell and we will find out on August 7th.

Pre Order Here:

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