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Figgers F3 aka Oukitel 23 Recycle Plan

If you never heard of Figgers Wireless, it’s a Miami based company owned by the CEO Freddie Figgers. As I do more research about the F3, It seems like the specs were going to be epic from the start. Most articles point to a 4k display and being the first 5G capable phone in America. For $550 you received a ton of extra accessories like Figgers Wireless earbuds, car charger, and a unboxing experience unlike any other company.

Link To The F3:

Here’s The Issue: A content creator by the name of Spectechular Gadgets has pretty much put the Figgers F3 on full blast with her latest video exposing why she took down her latest video of the unboxing of the Figgers F3. She received a comment telling her to check out the $179 Oukitel 23 which basically turned out to be a Figgers F3. Specs weren’t adding up and we will leave a link to her video explaining why she is returning her Figgers F3 device.

Spectechular Gadgets Video:

As you may know, many other companies re brand the same product and sell it as their own. It’s a business move but this is more then twice the amount of the Oukitel device actually costs which isn’t honorable in the tech community. Hopefully Figgers Wireless will make a statement about this issue.

Source: GSM Arena Article About The Figgers F3

Oukitel 23:

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