Why Did I Buy A Moto Z4?

So I picked up a Motorola Z4 but why? Well first of all, I have always been a fan of Motorola devices since the days when I would admire my fathers StarTac device and wish that one day I would get my own cell phone. I was buying Motorola phones way before Moto was sending me phones to review. The reason why my YouTube channel exploded with subscribers was because of the Moto X4 unboxing which is currently sitting at 1.6 million views. So my tech relationship with Moto will always be close to my heart as cheesy as that sounds. Now back to this Moto Z4

Looking from the outside in, the back of this phone looks exactly like the last few Z devices but I’ll be lying if I didn’t tell you I have no clue where Moto is going with the Z and Z Play lines. Sometimes, the Z play lines have more to offer then the regular Z lineup. The Z4 is the first Z device without the current flagship processor but the price starts at $499. A few years ago, $499 would automatically mean that it should have the latest and greatest processor. With the rise of phone prices, I guess it’s been decided to us as consumers that top flagship cell phones should be over $900.

Now Why Did I Buy It: Moto Mods is the real reason why I wanted another Z device. I thought about picking up a Moto Z2 Force but the storage of 32gb just isn’t enough in today’s standards and with my 230 app backups, I highly doubt I’ll have any memory left. The Moto Z4 comes with a 128gb of internal storage which is definite win and with a $499 price tag, this is actually pretty good. I currently don’t have any mods but eBay does have a few at a pretty good price.

First Impressions: I am pretty impressed with the display and the quality of the screen. The In Display Fingerprint scanner is just okay, it seems like the slow animation is about as long as it takes to unlock it. All you get in the box is the charging brick and type c cable but it would of been nice to at least get a clear case since there isn’t much of a selection to choose online.

What was your first Motorola device if any?

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Allan A.
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