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What A Google Day It Is!

Google just announced the Pixel 3/3 XL with a couple of other devices including the Pixel Stand, Pixel Slate, And The Home Hub. Preoreders are live for every device.

Pixel 3/3 XL: The leaks were all confirmed today but the prices were cheaper then exepected starting from 799$ to 999$ for the top spec Pixel 3 XL. Two cameras in the front and you will be able to wireless charge your Google Pixel 3. The phones will drop in 3 different colors including Just Black, clearly white, and Not Pink.

Pixel Slate: This right here is pretty cool and has a windows surface time look to it and It’s running Chrome Os and looks to be a top contender in the missing tablet world. It has a 293 PPI with two 8MP Rear and Front camera which are designed to have a great experience with video calling your family and friends. The Pixel Slate will be sold for $599 but will come in different configurations. The Pixel Keyboard is $199 and the Pixelbook Pen is $99

Pixel Stand: The Pixel Stand has Wireless And Smarthome technology and has a Sunrise Alarm and will mimic a sunrise.

Google Home Hub: The Google Home Hub is a pretty cool home device that almost reminds me of the Amazon Echo Show with Googles implementation with cool features and won’t include a camera for the safety of mind to the consumer. The Price will $149 and you can preorder from the Google Website.

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