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Finessed: The Price of Being an Apple Loyalist By Jose Q.

Finessed: The Price of Being an Apple Loyalist.

I’ve been an Apple fanboy since before I can remember, as a matter of fact long before i could even fathom there’d ever be a time I could afford such luxuries. What we’ve forgotten in this day and age is that owning these marvels of technology sometimes comes at a high price. We’ve also forgotten that at one point they weren’t essential to everyday life. This has all changed and let me tell you why.

I remember vividly when Steve Jobs took the stage in 2001 and unveiled the worlds first iPod. It wasn’t really the first at anything that day, as there were other portable music players on the market but none were made or designed by Apple. I couldn’t afford to buy that device but I recall seeing many people with them and wished that someday I’d be able to afford such luxuries.

Fast forward to 2007 and Apple would once again take the world by storm. Unveiling what in my eyes was the greatest product ever made. Oh and sales reflect that btw. The price of the phone was far beyond my reach ($499,$599) at the time and in some ways reflects the price of some of the few mid range android phones today. So let’s talk about this.

With so many players on the market offering higher specs for you hard earned dollar why would anyone choose Apple? Why would anyone pay $1099, and $1500 for a smart watch… status?

The Eco System: Take a picture and see it on all your devices. Write a message on the phone and finish it on your Mac! Pull out your AirPods and watch them magically connect to your phone. Schedule a play date for your children on your Mac and your watch will remind you!

Is it iMessage???? One of their greatest treasures is this marvelous messaging behemoth. Encrypted from end to end and all around glorious to use. iMessage is full of fun functionality and there is no doubt that the blue bubble is king when it comes to messaging.

Is it build quality? Not so much anymore I’m afraid. Samsung and many others have found a way to match or exceed the once handcrafted jewel like process of Apple made phones.

I’ve wondered what it was for some time now and I think I’ve finally cracked the code.

Apple has found a way to penetrate the soul, the feeling of love.

They’ve dug themselves deep into the lives of its users through shared moments. They’ve developed this sense of inclusion amongst its users… “you’re one of us” and welcome.

From the moment FaceTime was introduced Apple has found their way deep into people’s hearts and has never let go.

So is Apple finessing it’s customers? No

Love has no price.

Written by: Jose Quiles

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