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72 Hours With The iPhone Xs Max

So I’ve been a iPhone user pretty much since the iPhone 4-4s and I’ve always had the newest iPhone every launch day since the iPhone 5 and I’ve never looked back. The iPhone Xs Max is the biggest iPhone yet and honestly it hasn’t disappointed me at all. From the big screen down to just the better feeling of typing on a bigger keyboard feels so much better. Everything is quick and I haven’t had a hiccup on iOS 12 since I was on beta 3 or 5 on my iPhone X. Battery was a issue with me the first few days but It’s starting to pick up pretty quick.

I carry around two devices and the other device is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is a another beast in its own. These two phones me make wanna not have any other phone ever again. The only phone I’m thinking about checking out is the RED Hydrogen but maybe that’s just because it’s something new and I want to test out the cameras. Another phone is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which should be a absolute beast.

iOS hasn’t changed much but I can say it has matured in a way that I’m satisfied with. BUT seriously we need to bring battery percentage to the top right like the older iPhones before the X. Anyways I’ve been pretty happy with the iPhone Xs Max and I didn’t mention price because that wouldn’t be a first impressions? Would it?


Allan A.

Allan A.
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