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The Age Old Question “What Phone Should I Get?” By Robb Pouncy

Have you ever been asked the question from a friend or family member who is not very techie, what kind of phone should I get?  I always respond with something like “I don’t know what you want in a phone”. Then I start thinking, why would you let me make a decision on such a personal item like a phone!  So now I feel like I been put in charge of purchasing someone else’s phone. Ultimately, I’m stuck with the task of asking a series of hair pulling questions, “Do you want a mid range? or top end phone? What size phone? IOS or Android?” Usually around this time I’m losing my patience.  All of sudden my first set of questions has cause more questions, and now I’m ready to scream. No matter how much I try to avoid getting into these type of conversations, I find myself playing teacher and adviser.

One thing I learned is not to tell people about chipsets, displays and battery sizes because that’s right around the time people will start tuning you out. Telling them about what color the phones comes in and the cost is usually what most people want. So why do non techies ask questions about tech when they just aren’t into the actual subject when clearly they are not ready for the answer.

I really think they just want a definitive answer from someone else to make them feel better about their choice. The funny part is you can come up with the most educated answer on what phone to purchase but they end up with the one they originally picked because of the color and the camera quality. Overall, I think it’s better to give a family or friend phone advise based on what they would enjoy rather than get technical. I’ll save the technical stuff for articles and YouTube. 


Robb Pouncy

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