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BlackBerry KEY 2 Full Review! A Different Type Of Goodness

Full Review: Allan A.

Blackberry key 2 review:

The Blackberry Key2 was a device I was very enticed to try out because of my prior love for Blackberry devices. I have a history of Blackberry and the last one I had was the Blackberry Key2 and that was okay but the physical keyboard was a bit mushy and hard to really type on. The camera was very solid and I can get some great shots with the rear camera, the front was decent and a little bit soft in my opinion. The software was Android Oreo so it was easy to get used to using Blackberry. The Blackberry apps were cool at first but I got a bit bored with them and I ended up using my regular mail app and messaging apps even though Blackberry Hub was very convenient.

I think the build of the device is great with a backing that has extra grip for those with slippery fingers. I am very impressed with the cool sides and little weight to make the Key feel like a premium device. The battery life on Key 2 was very impressive and probably the best battery I’ve experienced in 2018. I am very surprised how smooth the Snapdragon 660 is and what it can produce and the battery life it can produce.

In conclusion, the Blackberry Key 2 is a different device for the older generation that can appreciate a physical keyboard. The price of 650$ is a bit much for the processor but the 6Gb of ram definitely makes up for it. If you want a rugged phone with a premium build with a outstanding battery life, the Blackberry Key2 is for you.

Allan A.
Founder/Managing Editor

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