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iPhone SE 7-Day Challenge

iPhone SE 7-Day Challenge
By Reggie U.
May 21, 2017

Tiny phone or compact tool? I tasked myself with one challenge – use the iPhone SE for 7 days as my main device. Now I’ve had the SE since last December and it has been a great secondary device, but how did I hold up with it being my main phone? Let’s find out.

It was 7 o’clock on a Saturday morning. I just had my morning coffee and came up with this brilliant idea (not). Normally, I take this time to change up the wallpaper and icons on my Android phone, so I took to the SE and changed up the wallpaper, moved some icons around, and added some widgets… that was about the extent of what I could do.

After my morning coffee, I fired up Clash Royale to do my daily crown chest. With only 4” of real estate to work with it was a real challenge to aim my minions and spells in the right place. Doable, but not ideal. I’ve played other games like Mikey Jumps, Rolling Sky, and Geometry World and they were a better experience, but with the limited screen real estate my finger was getting in the way of seeing what’s happening on the screen and hampered my ability to be precise.

Throughout the day I watch various YouTube videos and although not ideal, the viewing experience was acceptable and the sound volume gets pretty loud. I found myself literally bringing the phone closer to my face in order to enjoy the content the way I’m more accustomed to on the S8+. The struggle was real.
One area where the SE really shines is it’s compact size and one-handability that make it easy to text with ease.

I’m on social media, chat groups, and sending emails during the day on a constant basis and the SE is perfect for these functions. The keyboard is tight and keeps finger travel at a minimum. Messaging is fast and fluid. When I’m out trying to get my step count up, catching Pokemon is painless with one hand. I would say that this is my favorite aspect of the SE and by far the biggest selling point.

So how did I do during the challenge?

It was an epic FAIL. I made it through the weekend, but kept getting tempted by the S8+. On Wednesday I crumbled. Words can’t accurately describe how much better it felt to watch content on a bigger screen after a few days. I dearly missed Android customizability and split screen productivity. I will say that I’m excited for what’s on the horizon for compact phones given that the release of the Blackberry KEYone is at the end of the month. With it’s compact size, physical keyboard, sturdy build, maybe I can last longer than a week with that one.

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Reggie U. is a civil engineer (structural) by day and a tech nerd at heart. Happily married and father of one baby girl who keeps him busy. Big time foodie, avid car enthusiast, super amateur photographer, and part-time gamer. Follow him on his social media at:
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