To Bixby or Not To Bixby?

To Bixby or Not To Bixby?
By Reggie U.
April 28, 2017
That is the question.

With the release of the new S8 came the promise of Samsung’s version of AI, but there’s only one thing – it’s not even ready yet. Honestly most of you have already dismissed and/or disabled Bixby in hopes of better battery life or because the Google Assistant has already been your go to AI fix, but not me. This past week I have been hands on trying to maximize my Bixby experience and using it on the daily. Is Bixby in it’s current state for you?

Hello Bixby is similar to Google Now cards and can be adjusted to fit your needs, most of the compatible apps are part of Samsung’s app suite already on the phone. Here’s a few apps that I use in conjunction with Bixby.

Reminders – I’ve been using this in place of Google Keep for taking notes and general reminder setting. It’s pretty bare bones with compared to the Google equivalent, but it’s nice for having them show up in your Bixby feed. Here I have pinned a restaurant my wife and I have been meaning to try.

S Health – If you want to be on top of your fitness game then it’s convenient to have your step count and activity timers right there on deck. Great for a quick peek and nice to have especially if you’re in a challenge and you’re trying to stay on top

Weather and Alarms – probably the most convenient and popular use for Hello Bixby is the weather and alarm cards. Everybody checks the weather and if you don’t have a recurring alarm set for the day, a card will show up asking you to toggle one on.

Flipboard – catered to the genre of news you want to follow, this is a nice addition to the Bixby catalog. I read a couple articles from here at least once a day and it’s a convenient place to have quick access to them. I have separate cards for tech news, world events, and food.
Giphy – probably the most underrated feature of Hello Bixby is having a random gif in your news feed for a quick laugh. This is my favorite feature.

So is Hello Bixby worth your time? Unless you’re an app nerd like me and you like to try different things, I can’t really recommend anyone to use it in it’s current state. Although it’s really cool and convenient to have some info ready at the click if a button it just doesn’t offer enough for people to make the switch from the Google Assistant. Being forced to use Samsung’s apps when their Google equivalent is just better. The camera image search feels like a rushed gimmick that doesn’t work half the time. I took a picture of an iron and got search results for cars and boats. Although my time with Bixby has been fun you’d probably be better off disabling it and getting better battery life. Time can only tell once they release the AI aspect how useful it will be.

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Reggie U. is a civil engineer (structural) by day and a tech nerd at heart. Happily married and father of one baby girl who keeps him busy. Big time foodie, avid car enthusiast, super amateur photographer, and part-time gamer. Follow him on his social media at:
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