S8+ & Mate 9 Camera Comparison

S8+ & Mate 9 Camera Comparison

I’ve had the privilege of using the Mate 9 since January of this year and i’ve got to say that the pair of shooters it comes with takes excellent, detailed, and crisp pictures. Having a dual cameras opens up the wide aperture and monochrome features – both valued tools for any shutter bug. With the release of the S8, the so-called low light king, is it that much better than the Mate 9 with it’s higher price tag?
After firing up the Mate 9 and bringing it out of retirement, I spent last week taking pictures with both devices and comparing the results.

For the full resolution pictures check out this link:

Indoor Shot

The Mate 9 looks clearer and more crisp in this photo. The S8 picture came out overexposed. This is one of the rare instances where this occurs.

Outdoor Daytime Shots

The S8 has a higher saturation and comes in with vibrant punchy colors, but loses some detail in the petals in the process. Bokeh is more pronounced with the f/1.7 aperture and looks great. The Mate 9, while more washed out preserves the detail in the petals.

For these daytime photos the S8 had more saturated colors and detailed photos. The Mate 9 often overexposes the shots leaving the pictures looking washed out and more dull compared to the S8.


This isn’t really a fair comparison, but more to feature the Mate 9’s 20mp monochrome sensor. The monochrome mode on the Mate 9 produces a true-to-life black and white shot with a lot of detail. The S8 photo was just the classic filter which makes it too bright and not as pleasant to the eye.


The S8 bumps up the saturation and does some smoothing which leads to a more visually appealing photo. There is some detail that’s lost in the process, which is very prevalent in comparing the detail in the hair.

Low Light

In this shot the S8 overexposes the light, but brings out very sharp detail in the leaves. The Mate 9 exposes properly in this shot, but the detail in the leaves is less when compared to the S8. Overall, the dark and hazy look of the Mate 9 is more fitting for the mood of the shot, however, if the intent was to get a clear picture in this shot, such as taking a picture of someone.

So there you have it – the new hotness and the tried and true, both equipped with excellent shooters and capable of taking great shots. Which one is better? I don’t really think there is a clear winner as both devices can take phenomenal photos. It all comes down to personal preference in how you want your shots to be processed. If you really want to get the best shots, then you can go into manual mode and tweak the ISO, shutter speed, and exposure to get the desired outcome. Personally, I prefer the punchy colors and detail of the S8.

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