Is Bigger Always Better?

By Reggie U.
April 14, 2017

Is Bigger Always Better?

Lets face it – phones are getting bigger and bigger and there’s no going back, but is bigger really better? My wife would argue yes (haha), but I beg to differ. I’ve had the chance to daily two different devices that are at both ends of the spectrum. The Huawei Mate 9 and iPhone SE. Let me just start by saying that both of these are fantastic devices in their own right, but I want to just focus on size. I get it. Phablets are great for consuming media. You have this great big screen to watch YouTube, play games, and multitasking. You have all the real estate in the world to fill up your home screen with apps and widgets. Whenever i’m relaxing on the couch – I gotta watch videos on my Mate 9. Let me ask this question. Is having a 5.5”+ screen an absolute must in 2017? Picture this. Imagine being at the store, you’re in a hurry and you need to send a quick text or email while pushing your cart at the same time. Which phone are you going to wish you had on you? A 5.9” behemoth that you can barely use one-handed or the smooth and sleek SE that fits just right in your hand that you can effortlessly navigate through. I don’t need to make that choice since I carry both of them on me at all times, but I feel like this is now a modern-day conundrum that consumers are faced with. Can you guess what phones my friends and relatives mostly have? iPhone 7 pluses. I think that the way we are using smartphones is changing and we’ve drifted away from wanting small and sleek phones. I try to watch YouTube videos on my SE and although I can get through it and consume media no problem – i’m always wishing it had a bigger screen. Likewise, when i’m out and about on my Mate 9 and I’m trying to text or look up something real quick I wish that I had a smaller device instead of performing olympic hand gymnastics and risk dropping my phone. I will say that i’m optimistic about the future with devices like the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 that mix a one-handed friendly form factor with a big screen. Let me know what you think. Do you prefer having a large phablet device? Are you more practical and prefer the ease of one-handed use? Did you order the LG G6 or Galaxy S8?.
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