Apple Airpods Unboxing Holiday Edition/Full Written Review


So September 7th came quickly and before I could make sense of all the goodies that were announced by Apple there was this feeling that my life was about to change ever so slightly. Maybe I’m overreacting but I’ve had many years of sub par Bluetooth headphones, from horrible sound to extremely grueling pairing process that made me cringe whenever I had to review a new headset.

Despite being delayed by a few months I woke up extremely early and made my way to my nearby Apple Store to fight my way through a huge line. Or so I thought. I was greeted by about 8 people patiently waiting and after a few minutes was able to secure my prize and walk swiftly out the store.

Packaging was neat and tidy like an Apple product should be. No Apple stickers with the documentation was something new but what surprised me the most was the size of the AirPod charging case. I mean the case is tiny. Fit and finish were impressive and after a quick video unboxing I went ahead and followed Apples instructions on connecting the AirPods to my phone. I was impressed by the extreme simplicity of the pairing process. So what do they sound like? What is the range?

They sound amazing. I have to be honest I was downplaying my excitement and was prepared to be disappointed  but alas I was not. Sound is comparable to their wired counterpart with the exception of perhaps a tad bit more volume and a tiny bit less bass resonance. With that being said the highs are nice and clear and the bass is tight and accurate. I tried different types of music and all were sounding as they should. Needless to say I’m excited about the way they sound and I totally believe Apple has hit it out the park in the sound department. Are there ways to improve? Absolutely! And I’m sure they will, especially since they now own beats.

Range was tested using my iPhone 7 plus unobstructed and I was able to get as far as 95 feet before the AirPods started to skip and lose connection. I tried at home and the walls were no match for it’s superior Bluetooth connection and perhaps Apples new W1 chip. Performing flawlessly I believe this is something the average user will not have to worry about.

Update: after a couple of weeks of living with the AirPods I have concluded that it’s the best pair of Bluetooth headphones I’ve ever owned (Parrot Zik, Bowers and Wilkins).


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