Moto G4/G4 Plus Review!

My overall impression of these two devices is that it’s a certified win and I love everything that you get with the devices. A 5.5 1080p display with a mid range chip that still runs like a champ. The G4 Plus has a fingerprint scanner and a 16mp camera while the Standard g4 has a 13mp camera that amazes me for the overall price. Would I recommend this to Note 7 and iPhone 7 users, YES I WOULD. The overall smoothness of stock android with a little taste of Moto action is a perfect combination. The fact you can get a Moto phone with decent specs for under 350$ is extraordinary and it shows the world that you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars to get a decent front and back camera with a all around smooth UI. Checkout my full review down below!



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