Linner: Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

Linner: Noise Cancelling Earbuds


Relatively unknown company “Linner” has given me the privilege of testing out a newly introduced and unreleased Noise-Cancelling wired set of headphones and today I will be discussing the pros and cons of this well built and designed music EarPods.

In a stealthy medium sized bubble envelope came this aesthetically appealing set of earphones. They arrived in a small canvas pouch that houses:


1x Headset

1x 2 sets of ear tips and ear hooks

1x USB charging adapter


When I started unpacking it I couldn’t help but be fond of the build quality. The metal earbud housing and the premium feel of the plastic used shows that the company didn’t go cheap on materials. The cable itself is good, but has an “Apple EarPods” feel to it, this can be a positive or negative. The cable fits well in the canvas pouch for storing on the go, but still suffers from tangling and in the white color can get dirty rather quickly.

Next: Sound.

IMG_1702 (1)

One of the features that really got me interested was the 3 modes offered: Noise Cancellation, hearing impaired amplification, and normal operation which allows the headphones to be used without battery power. This will come in handy after the approximate 4.5 hours of battery life come to an end. They lasted me a whole day without any hiccups and I was extremely satisfied with the sound. I tested it will all different types of music. Had the opinion of close friends who agreed that the Bass and mids were impressively clear and the highs weren’t exaggerated and rather accurate.

Fit was not a problem and they included a few tips and ear hooks to ensure I had a proper fit. Mine fit perfect with the default hook and tip. Noise-Cancellation was also a highlight on this set. So impressive that I compare it to my Parrot-Zik headset, and these can be had for three times less in price.

Hearing impaired mode is not only useful, it’s darn right magical. While the mode is miraculous in its execution, it was also necessary in a way because the headphone cable includes a mic but doesn’t include a volume up and down button.

Calls made with the device were also nice and clear, and the person receiving the call reported clarity and no wind noise. A single button is used to answer/end calls, and pause/play music.


Is Linner ANC headset worth the price? Well in my observation, they make a very convincing argument. Considering it’s features, sound quality, convenience and relatively low price.. this small lightweight package will be coming with me on my next plane trip, and I think Linner has a winner on their hands.

Jose Q